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The Johnson Model

  • The goal of this type of Intervention is to confront the addict by motivating and encouraging them to change their lifestyle for the good of not only themselves, but for the good of the family around them.

  • Confront the Addict in a way, that their defences would be low, while recognizing their defences are already raised when they are confronted this way.  Gives them little time to prepare an argument.

  • To break the cycle of denial for the addicted person at the Intervention.

Johnson Model Beliefs:

  • Coming from a place of care and love is a priority

  • Focus is on addiction

  • No ganging up on the addict, no shame or guilt

  • Help to bring the addict to their bottom, ie: the intervention

  • Family members confront the addict with letters

  • Focus on love and care for the addict

  • List the consequences if the addict does not accept treatment.

The procedure for meeting with your family is listed here

This approach is what most people think of when they picture an intervention.