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Sex and Love Addiction

Sex Addiction requires a certified treatment program delivered by CSAT qualified Therapists.

Recognizing the obvious signs of sex addiction can help identify if a patient has crossed the line from a

healthy enjoyment of sex to an addiction that needs professional assistance. Indications of problematic

sexual behaviour include:

  • Loss of control of behaviours

  • Preoccupation with sexual acting out behaviours

  • Significant adverse consequences

  • Continuation despite consequences

Sex addicts will continue to engage in sexual behaviour despite financial problems, potential arrest, health risks, or broken relationships. The condition can destroy relationships and cause an individual to feel enslaved by their addiction to sexual thoughts and acts. Sex is part of a normal, healthy life; however, when sexual activities or thoughts become consuming or habit-forming, it crosses the line into addiction.

Recovery from Sex Addiction

Sexual addicts experience tremendous amounts of guilt and shame over their behavior because they feel they are not in control and live in constant fear of being discovered. This is part of drives the addictive cycle of how to cure sex addiction; sex addicts will use inappropriate sexual behaviour to block out the very pain of their addiction. Like other forms of addiction, sex addicts are not in control and cannot stop their behaviours, no matter how self-destructive and potentially devastating the consequences may be.


Sexual addiction isn’t just a diagnosis; it’s a very personal struggle. Conditions that are treated by a certified Treatment Centre should be:

Sexual Compulsion – is a compulsive sexual behaviour and is sometimes called hypersexuality, hypersexual disorder, nymphomania, or sexual addiction. Compulsive sexual behaviour may involve a commonly enjoyable sexual experience (for example, self-stimulation) that becomes an obsession that is disruptive or harmful to you or others.

Pornography Addiction – is an addiction model of compulsive sexual activity with the concurrent use of pornographic material, despite harmful consequences to one’s physical, mental, social, or financial well-being.

Relationship Addiction – is described as one person “loving” another person with an obsessive intensity that is not in the best interest of either party.

Internet Sex Addiction – is also known as cybersex addiction, and has been proposed as a sexual addiction characterized by virtual Internet sexual activity that causes serious negative consequences to one’s physical, mental, social, and/or financial well-being.

Sex Addiction in Young Adults – sexual behaviours can be particularly problematic for young men of the ages 18 – 25, frequently without their knowledge.